In France, China, Argentina & Elsewhere, 1993–2008

Jefferson in Paris, A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries, Le Divorce, Surviving Picasso, The Golden Bowl, In Custody, The Proprietor, Cotton Mary, The Mystic Masseur, Heights, The White Countess, The City of Your Final Destination

A celebration of the longest independent partnership of director, producer and screenwriter in the history of the cinema This groundbreaking richly illustrated book concentrates on the last twelve feature films of the independent film production company Merchant Ivory Productions and vividly describes a number of themes threading through many of the 50-odd singularly varied movies made all over the world by the American director James Ivory and the Indian producer Ismail Merchant – the great majority of which were scripted by the novelist Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. The Later Films of Merchant Ivory include a controversial study of Thomas Jefferson and his slave-mistress Sally Hemings in Paris just before the French Revolution; a sharp portrait of the artist Pablo Picasso and his lover Françoise Gilot; a sumptuous adaptation of Henry James’s great last novel and a romantic political drama by Kazuo Ishiguro set in Shanghai just before the Second World War. The four highly personal feature films directed by Ismail Merchant are also considered in depth for the very first time. The film critic John Pym here completes his trilogy of books on the history of Merchant Ivory Productions and James Ivory fills out the story with a unique series of often-humorous behind-the-camera observations and reflections.

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